Cultural Probe Data Analysis

Our cultural probes analysis gave us insight on values and priorities from our target group. It also shaped our team’s knowledge on understanding how cultural probes can be quite difficult to interpret.

An assumption we had was that all the members of this group were pregnant but this premise was dispelled when we found out that one of the participants in our test study had already given birth. This gives us an idea of the implications of yoga as an exercise to address issues of health, specifically back pain and how to relieve it.
Cultural Probe Analysis

Cultural Probe Analysis [pdf]

Pre-Interview Summary

Post-Pickup Interview Summary

Interview Summary [pdf]

Raw Data – Interview Notes:
Initial Interview Notes [pdf]
Post Interview Questionnaire Notes [pdf]

Raw Data – Cultural Probes:
RawJournal-P [pdf]
RawJournal-S [pdf]
RawJournal-T [pdf]
RawJournal-Z [pdf]

Cultural Probe Results [pdf]


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