Our informances and scenarios gave our team specific insight into possible situations that could create problems for our target group and may hold possible design spaces for us to address. It showed us very specific situations where a problem exists for the pregnant women, but also possible implications on other agents within the household such as husbands.

InformancesInformances [pdf]

Informances Description [pdf]

Situation 1
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The purpose of this situation is to understand how the responsibilities of our personas can create a significant burden of work. Due to their role in the household, the persona can experience an overload of chores and limited time to do so. We portray this with the persona trying to finish tasks in a hectic environment to achieve this goal in any efficient time possible.This informance suggests possible opportunities in time or task management.

This informance was about understanding mobility issues as well as health issues regarding heavy lifting and multi-tasking.
Note: We re-filmed this informance so that we experience it ourselves and understand the situation of our personas and target group participants

Situation 2 –
As pregnant women, our personas have a tendency to develop back pains due to the pregnancy.This situation is used to imagine the behaviour of what a persona would do if she was overcome with pain. Possible design directions could address overcoming the pain, preventing pain, and anything to help with tasks around the house while taking some time to rest.
This informance helped us understand the situation of pregnant women and the amount of work that needs to be done around the house. It also allows us to empathize with the role of husbands in trying to help out but being unable to do so. The strongest insight we took out of this was to try and reduce the stress on a pregnant woman either through addressing issues of back pain relief or prevention as well as improving mobility.

Situation 3 –
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Since our target group is a prenatal yoga group, we decided that this was a good situation to play out as it is a weekly activity that may involve preparation and effort. As going to the studio to practice yoga should be a relaxing and stress-free activity, we wished to address the journey from the starting point of having to pack and see if there are any particular steps that could help make the experience of yoga even easier.
This informance helped us understand the process in engaging in the context of preparing and packing for yoga. It allowed us to feel for how our personas have to deal with carrying things haphazardly if the bag is not designed properly to store everything.
Note: We re-filmed this informance so that we experience it ourselves and understand the situation of our personas and target group participants

Situation 4 –

Sleeping is an activity that is rare for new mothers. As such, helping pregnant women get as much sleep as they can seems like an important problem to address. We want to understand what possible disturbances can arise that interrupt sleep patterns of our personas. This is likely with the onset of back pain that may cause discomfort, we wish to explore design possibilities of helping to alleviate back pain during rest and sleep.
This informance allowed us to empathize for the pregnant woman and her inability to get a resful sleep. On the other side, we also got to feel for the husband who may be disturbed by the woman’s constant unrest and movement.


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