Test Plan

Our goal is to determine whether our prototype has matched the feature list and the participants overall needs through the use of our scenario which centers around packing the yoga / diaper bag.

Our participants will be from the Prenatal Yoga Group which will comprise of 2 real end-users to be used as the sample. If possible one of the participant’s husband might also be present as there are some questions that will be directed towards their perspective.

Semi-structured interview
Likert scale questions and open-ended interview questions
Medium-fidelity prototype

Our user testing methods of choice will be a combination of direct observation and a variety of query techniques.

For the direct observation we will create a situation in which our user will complete a set of tasks related to our prototype and yoga/diaper bag preparation. The users will be asked to bring along items they normally have with them during their yoga class or when they leave the house with their newborn and pack the prototype accordingly. Any needs the bag addresses will be pointed out as the participants will be asked to think out loud. If a need is not met by the prototype or a design problem is encountered the team will take note and move on.

If possible we might also perform a constructive interaction which involves two users working together to complete the task of packing the yoga bag. This would be an attempt to create a more friendly atmosphere where the two can speak aloud as opposed to performing the think-aloud technique individually.

In terms of query techniques the team will conduct a series of post-observation interviews that will build upon the observations made while the participants complete the tasks. The users would reflect on the tasks they performed and elaborate on particular aspects that they thought worked well or could use improvement or are missing altogether.

Discrete numbers comparison from questionnaires, as well as codifying common data points in notes.

Interview Questions
1) Can you please pack this bag with your yoga equipment / baby supplies?

2) What do you think about the overall color of the bag? Would you be comfortable carrying it around in public? (Directed towards husband)

3) In terms of bottles and baby bottles, does the pocket have to have any insulating features?

4) What do you think of the pockets provided by the bag, would you add more? Where would you like them to be?

5) Now that the bag is fully packed could you please carry it and tell us what you think about the weight and feel of the bag?

6) Is the bag easy to carry? Did it meet all the needs in terms of packing away all your stuff?

7) Now I’m going to ask you to take some stuff out of your bag, could you please remove ______ from your bag?

8) Imagine you are driving and stop at a red light, could you please remove ______ from your bag as quickly as possible?

9) How would you rate the outside of the bag? Is anything missing?

10) Keeping in mind that we started off with a yoga bag, how would you rate the strap? Is it in a good spot on the bag?

11) Would the bag still fit on your stroller?

12) Where would you put your wallet and keys in the bag, do you find there are enough compartments for these individual items?

13) In terms of comparison to the original prototype sketches we showed you, do you feel as if this is an overall improvement?

14) Would you think the addition of more pockets that could be labeled would be an added benefit?

15) In terms of the material being used now what is your overall impression? Is it durable enough?

Likert Scale Questions
Number of compartments
Easy to use
Overall Assessment


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