Executive Summary

Our design intervention is a multi-functional bag targeted towards mothers transitioning from pregnancy to post-birth. The final prototype consists of a bag made with durable, lightweight material with multiple compartments. The design is comprised of divided sections, a detachable and washable waterproof bag, small labelled pockets in an internal compartment, external pockets, and multiple handle options. The intended context is for pregnant women who need a gym/utility bag, as well as new mothers who need a baby diaper bag, and also the fathers/husbands who may have to carry the diaper bag.

Our team’s approach was identifying the needs of prenatal women attending yoga. We initially focused on the problems of mobility and relieving back pain through the packing of a yoga or gym bag but pivoted our project scope towards the mother’s functional needs in a bag that can grow and transition with the mothers before and after their baby’s delivery.

Executive Summary Poster

Executive Summary Poster

Executive Summary [pdf]


Final Prototype


Final Prototype


Final Prototype


Final Prototype


Ember – Final Presentation Slides [pdf]


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