Our preliminary problem scenarios were formulated based on our cultural probes, personas and informances. These steps in our research led us to our preliminary premise of mobility, and relieving back pain as our primary issues. We specifically identified packing as a difficulty for the target users before they depart for yoga. One secondary issue was about remembering items that are often forgotten. Based on this problem, we created our low-fidelity prototype sketches that outline different possibilities for reducing the amount of lifting and carrying required as well as different closing mechanisms (ie zippers and magnetic clasps) to facilitate easier opening and closing functionality.

Through our informances, we were focusing on helping our prenatal yoga group members to pack and organize their bags. We wanted to build a bag with multiple compartments to assist in organization. We thought the weight of the bag would be a primary cause for mobility issues and source for back pain.

After conducting our participatory design workshop, we changed the direction of our problem rationale to a specific need that our users brought to our attention of having multiple bags. We gained insight specifically because one of our target participants has already given birth and this particular perspective gave us the most valuable understanding of the target group. Instead of focusing on just the pregnancy stage, the insight was about having a wider viewpoint and sensitivity of where the women are in life, and viewing their pregnancy not as a single moment, but rather a transitional stage between different phases in their lives. We altered our premise of solving mobility and back pain, to creating a multi-functional bag that can suit different needs depending on the situation.


Initial Rationale

We have decided to focus our design intervention on the scenario of preparing for a yoga class. This situation addresses the common issues we discovered of having to lean down and stressing the women to struggle with a process which is meant as a preparation for going to an activity that is meant to relax and release stress. We also want to address the issue of making the process of going to yoga be relaxing even before getting there.

There are also other implications from the assignments in previous weeks especially the journey frameworks and informances that lead us to this. In addressing this problem, it may also lead into other design applications dealing with mobility as well as relieving and preventing back pain.